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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


According to the word of the week is capable. In dance, dancers go through many sessions of practise to become capable on stage. The capability they achieve is to remember a dance routine by heart and to be able to nail it on stage or in front of any audience, really.

I came up with a few thumbnails to incorporate this into an image for your viewing pleasure:
These thumbnails are my own ideas and thoughts. Except the girl in the corner with the pigtail braids. That was inspired from my flicker gallery set on the Ojibwe Ottawa tribe. The girl is getting ready to perform on for the Ottawa pow-wow.

I wish to draw the thumbnail in the top right corner. I recently took my daughter to see a dance recital, hosted by the studio Dance Discovery in Brantford and was inspired to draw little performers on stage. The whole time I watched the recital my daughter would not stop bugging me to dance on stage. She would say "mommy, I need to go on stage, mommy you need to buy me an orange and yellow sparkly outfit." The best dancers throughout time usually start at a young age. Dance is the art of music visually interpreted to us.

I am using adobe photoshop CS5 to complete my art work. I like using the paintbrush. Here is my work in progress.
Practise makes you capable to perform on stage.
Thank you.

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