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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'Emotional Labour'

When becoming a graphic designer you need to go through a lot of emotional labour. A lot of people may ask you 'what does a graphic designer do' or 'where would you work', 'what do you do with that'. Graphic designers do not do physical labour jobs, they do emotional labour. What is emotional labour? It is the act of connecting to other human beings and making a change even if it is not easy for you to do in that moment.
There is a lot of art work involved to convey a meaningful expression to communicate information. In my blog here I have been striving to convey my skills while I am still learning and working on other projects. The projects that I am working on I do a lot of emotional labour to try to gain attention to a wider audience towards my career as a graphic designer. I really want to connect with a wide variety of people so they can see my ideas. I do not have a set of step by step instructions that I follow.  I take my own initiative based on one word that I get from such as 'capable' and I put that into an artistic piece while overcoming the thought that people may laugh.
From here I would like to move forward into a graphic design career where people may need an ad layout or logo or design made and I can use my own ideas and keep making new ideas. I will express and talk about my designs in new and exciting ways every time so you do not get bored when you come to my blog. It is a risky job because I never know my outcome, but if I fail I would like to learn from that and move forward. I use the internet on a wide level. I have this blog, a gmail account, twitter account, flicker account, and carbon made portfolio which I will add to the end of this post. It takes hard work to keep with producing new designs. I have a lot of designs laid out and though out and I will be making more time in the near future to sit down and further produce these designs for your viewing pleasure. I like to keep my ideas fresh, positive and unique. A website I have been using a lot recently is which shows amazing tutorials on photoshop. While I am on my twitter account I have recently been viewing different art blogs and websites that you can view via through my twitter account or google+ account. I like to view through different magazines online such as, teen, vogue, Guess, Chanel, Gucci. I also have a list of followers involved with environment causes and animal rights. I have many ideas to start a new magazine of my own involving chips and pins that can be read with your mobile device. The spread will involve fashion, trend, while still relating to the everyday world around us. So many magazines are focused on one genre without much else to read about. My magazine will involve many ideas including the government, animal rights, religious freedom, and the environment. It will be conveyed in fresh new designs, by me, Keira Stirling.

I have several websites in which you can review my artwork:!/KeiraStirling

*These designs are not to be SOLD in any shape or form ON ANY PRODUCTS for any reason unless you have my signed written permission.
Please feel free to contact me here at for my resume!

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