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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sorry You're Happy / Art Licensing & Surface Design

Sorry You're Happy / Art Licensing & Surface Design

'Jen and Kyle'

Had such a great time meeting the happy and creative couple from "Sorry You're Happy" Corp. It was really interesting to hear and learn about their individual graphic design stories and how they ended up collaborating together to come up with their company; which makes print design for fabrics. Jen and Kyle both have a great eye for design and talent. Within their collaborated collections Jen would be the brain behind the business with an eye for style, colour and composition. She loves working with patterns. Kyle was friendly and funny as he talked about his unique style which stemmed from collage type forms with the ability to draw anything and a talent to come up with unique characters that they have printed on fabrics now.

This is a sample of Jen and Kyle's work from their blog website I pasted above. Kyle would say "he rocks this pink". 


Sorry You’re Happy

Jen & Kyle

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