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Sunday, 1 April 2012


According to the word of the week is 'return'. So let's return to music and who better to dance with than Shakira. Her dance moves are signature, her style original yet cool. Al Parker, a renowned graphic designer makes one heck of a design with flowers.
It's all about flower power and promoting a green earth and remembering it's beauty. I also came across this cd cover for Shakira and wonder if they too were a fan of Al Parker.

This cd cover really inspired me. The black and white is a signature style we can all appreciate since we mostly see colour and the flowers are just vibrating off the page, they are so full in colour. I love Shakira's pose her, it's very emotional and speaks to me, but I need to make it my own. I felt like it was too simple and needed something. So this is what I came up with.
I added a butterfly because I love them and butterflies go with nature's flower's and it's beauty. Butterflies seem to be popular, regardless I like butterflies. I put the butterfly around the title because I am remembered of an Al Parker picture I put up previously where he placed a flower behind the title to add beauty and attention to it. Then I felt like it was still missing something so I added songs notes and lyrics because they look cool. 

I added the song lyrics to the top so the illustration didn't have a lot of white space. It let's your eyes flow nicely through the illustration. I used gospel lyrics, because like J-lo I like to add God and thank him for supporting me through me work, I can't do it alone without him. Afterwards, I started adding colour and this is what I came up with. 

Return to music and let the rhythm soothe your soul. Enjoy. I'd like to thank Shakira and the illustrators of her cd for giving me inspiration and coming out with amazing and original music. Thank you. 

Now that my photo is complete I have submitted it to for entry to win, if I don't win, it sure was fun still.

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